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To become one of the best automotive distributors and all related products to vehicles’ sales, with a high-level commitment to the highest quality standards in terms of after-sales services in the Egyptian market.


Changing the market rules through providing exceptional, high-quality products and services to customers, making it a special, distinctive and unforgettable pleasant experience.

Core Values

Relying on unique values are our group’s style in dealings with customers, employees and suppliers (Honesty - Reliability - Loyalty - Professionalism - Hard working - Sincerity - Commitment - Corporate Social Responsibility)

For almost 40 years of experience, learning and development, our objective is to facilitate life for our customers and provide them with distinguished products and services to enhance their feeling of comfor and happiness through:

We believe that the core assets common to all of the company's various activities are human resources. It is the driving force and engine that drives business better and faster. This means that our professional power comes from the personal strength, creativity, and dedication of every one of our employees, diversity of backgrounds and perspectives, teamwork, motivating each other to do our best, and having a willingness to do whatever it takes to achieve our goals.

Daraw Sons
Effective participation in the charitable association Daraw Sons for working on the advancement of society through providing diversified social services to support thepromotion of education and health care, small projects for youth, care for widows, orphans, and the elderly.

Development and Improvement of Al-Bostan square
Mubarak Cool
A fully funded training program at Mubarak Cool for up to 3 years was given by Albargasy to train and familiarize participants with practical skills, techniques, and ideas that belong to a specific area and can be applied to practical life.


Engine capacity

Horse Power

Maximum Speed



Transmission Type






Assembly Country

Length (mm)

Width (mm)

Height (mm)

Wheel Base

Trunk Size


Traction Type

Number of cylinder

Fuel tank capacity

Torque of newton