The Federation of Egyptian Industries team visit to Toyota Al bargasy center

The Federation of Egyptian Industries sent an esteemed delegation experts specialized in the engineering industry to the Toyota Al-Bargasy Center in Al-Haram to assess the quality of technical training for dual education students.
The delegation was led by Mr. Mabrouk Mohamed, expert in the Federation of Egyptian Industries, and Ms. Suzanne Fathi, quality officer at the regional unit for dual education and training. The purpose of this visit is to get Al Bargasy Trading and Marketing ready for official accreditation by the Federation of Egyptian Industries. The Delegation honoured the training's accuracy, quality, and applicability with the International technical training standards.
The visit was hosted by Mr. Eng. Mahmoud Marawan, Director of the Center, Mr. Alaa Abdel Qader, Deputy Director of the Center, and Mr. Mohamed Rashad, Administrative Director of the Haram Branch of Al-Bargasy Company for Trade and Marketing.


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Horse Power

Maximum Speed



Transmission Type






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